What Is a Life Coach?

Since the advent of coaching, there have been many applications. One of the most original and controversial is life coaching. Helping a person solve everyday problems can dramatically change their life. But in the case of an amateur approach, life coaching can only worsen the situation by steering a person in a completely inappropriate direction. This begs the reasonable question, is there a need for life coaching? Is it easier to do without it? Why then do tens of thousands of people hire life coaches? How do you choose a specialist? Let's answer these questions in order. Who is a…

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Relationship Coaching

Relationships - family, romantic, love - are an important part of human life. It would seem that they should be uplifting and inspiring, but in practice this is not always the case. Mutual insufficiency and dissatisfaction, nagging and quarrels can ruin the lives of even loving people, and sometimes - and lead to a nervous breakdown. Is it possible to fix the situation, or is it better to go on a break? Is there a chance to improve the relationship with your partner? Find answers to these questions will help coach personal relationships. This is a work with a specialist…

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What is the difference between a career coach and a career counselor

Many career professionals are still arguing, are there any differences between the work of a career counselor and a coach? And if so, what are they?Let's try to find out. Key Difference Career CoachHe works with the client, building a partnership relationship, building a dialogue as equals, inviting the client as co-authors of what will happen in each coaching session. The coachee's basic attitude is "I don't know, but the client does". In this case, the client is the expert. A professional coach does not give advice or recommendations. His main task is to structure the coaching session in such…

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